About Ausrise Facades


Ausrise Facades is a Sydney based construction company who operate across Australia, specializing in the supply and installation of architectural aluminium and glass façades.

Ausrise was formed in 2002 by Kevin Hartin and Paul White as a façade installation company. Since our inception, Ausrise has completed well over 100 projects, with our repeat clientele and successful delivery of such a large number of projects a testament to our quality, integrity and commitment.

We commenced undertaking full design and construct façade supply and installation packages in 2011 and this is the primary focus of our business moving into the future.


We undertake all design and drafting locally using Ausrise designers and draftspersons in conjunction with contract drafting as required. All façade engineering is undertaken by local experienced façade engineers.

Material supply (glass and aluminium) and manufacturing is primarily undertaken off shore through trusted suppliers with solid experience of supplying to the Australian market. We have strong relationships with key overseas suppliers that provide us with strong local support. We also source local materials and undertake fabrication in Australia when required. We have a strong network of local suppliers and fabricators who we can rely on and who have successfully delivered for us over a number of years.

Ausrise project managers are used to oversee all aspects of project delivery and installation is generally undertaken by our own in house installers. This is largely unique in the Australian market and is what sets us apart from our competitors in that we have total control over our site labour, not relying on a network of subcontract installers.


Ausrise Facades is committed to providing quality services and Our Privacy Policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information.

Ausrise Facades office and workshop are based at Kurnell in Sydney. Over the years we have successfully designed, provided materials for and installed glass and aluminium façades for over one hundred projects in every state of Australia.

Kevin Hartin